Thursday, January 18, 2018

Photomontage Ideas

 My ideas for the photomontage formal project derived directly from reading the description of the project, especially the part regarding "the perfect human specimen" and "bio-tech." Two ideas immediately come to mind. First, I think of stem cell research, and how that is a blend of different biological elements that is highly controversial, similar to the chimeras and hybrids. Second, and perhaps more conceptually interesting, I think of Frankenstein. This leads me to recall an art project done for AP art a few years ago, in which a student took classic book covers with male protagonists and gender bent them, producing prints with an all-female cast. The idea of hybrids, chimeras, and monsters makes me want to take books regarding monsters, either figuratively or literally, and splice them together, making a composition that is almost right, almost whole, but that gives the viewer just enough pause to realize that the original book has been cut and pasted and put together with others like it.

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