Saturday, February 3, 2018


     This piece originated from throwing ideas around with my best friend, where I said "presidents" and she said "drag. The conceptual idea behind this was that a chimera is a mashup of different entities, yes, but they also mashup that which is traditional and nontraditional, a combination that can sometimes make people uncomfortable. I decided that the hybridization of our US presidents and Rupaul's drag queens would make some uncomfortable. To create this piece, I photoshopped together a painting of Abe with a drag queen's dress, and make them a separate layer to put over the Empire magazine template. I made the template mostly transparent, and layered everything over a copy of the emancipation proclamation, in which I turned down the opacity so it kept the emphasis on Abe. 

     For this piece, my conceptual idea was around the same. However, this time, I wanted there to be a more subtle vibe, something that people could look at and not immediately place as being different, or a chimera. For this, I used a painting of George Washington and cut him out from the rest, and I did the same with the bottom of the dress. Then, I found a Time magazine template and erased the entire background to only leave the logo. I added the constitution to George's hand where his sword used to be, and I adjusted the transparency on an old flag with only 13 stars to add to the background, but I ultimately decided to just incorporate the stripes.

     This piece was the emphasis of the three, having a mostly white background. The concept behind this was to really nail the magazine feel, and I found a transparent Vogue cover to do that. I had a lot of trouble cutting out Teddy because the background was so similar in color to his coat, so I eventually cut out parts and merged all the layers to come up with his body. I also cut out another drag queen, counting on the exposed leg to contrast comedically with his stern face and fist, reinforcing the idea of non traditionalism relating to chimeras. 

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