Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ghosts Research

My idea as for making this art was inspired by my best friend, who used the word "legend." This made me think of old fairy tale books, and I wanted to recreate that look with actual words from my research, and highlight the difference between a classic fairy tale font and look with the subject matter of ghosts.

Ghosts on Campus: A Comparison


FSU is home to many ghost stories, largely due to its rich and lengthy history. Most of these stories, such as that of a woman who was hanged due to killing her own children, date back far before FSU was a college as we know it. 


UF hosts its own ghosts, also due to history and placement. For UF, one of the most chilling stories is that of Native American ghosts roaming around the College of Law, a convincing argument as it was built over an ancient Native American burial ground. 


In a city known for its history, it’s no surprise that Flagler houses convincing ghost stories. The most interesting one, perhaps, is that of a little boy who fell to his death in the old Ponce de Leon hotel. Rumor has it that his playing and stomps can still be heard today. 


Given a brief idea of what ghost stories are like on other campuses in Florida, what kind of skeletons might UWF have in our closet? Are our ghost stories any more or less convincing than those of much older Universities?

Though ours is a younger college, there are still rumors about the library, the gym, and even the theatre auditorium. However, it is much harder to track down these stories, especially given the ease with which I could remotely access ghost stories about other campuses. One in particular that stands out is the man in the “funny little hat” that roams campus and knocks on windows, doing nothing particularly malicious. Another interesting story is that of a baby’s cries in the woods of UWF, near an abandoned nursery. 

Though our ghost stories may not be as numerous or as grounded in history as other universities, we do have more recent evidence for paranormal activity on campus. In fall of 2012, police found the remains of a man who had been missing for over a year. His bones were hidden by underbrush. 

Although not as recently as 2012, another death was discovered near the nature trail in 1993. A man, Eric Branch, approached student Susan Morris as she left class. His motive was to steal her car, but her body was found beaten, bruised, raped, and strangled in a “shallow grave” near the nature trail. Branch was caught and imprisoned, and has recently been given the death penalty. Though there are no official reports of Morris’ ghost roaming the campus, if ever there were a time to become a ghost, this brutal murder, that went for so long without justice, would warrant it. 
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