Monday, April 2, 2018


Area of Interest:

I’m interested in researching the ghost/paranormal stories surrounding the University of West Florida campus and compare it to those of other popular Florida college ghost stories. I believe that such a comparison will be more interesting than a ghost story about UWF alone, while reminding my audience that though the university is so prevalent in our lives, it is but a larger piece of culture, and each university has a football team, and an art department, and a ghost story. I am also interested to see what the most compelling ghost story, and how much evidence I can find at UWF to compare to the evidence to the most compelling one elsewhere.

List of Primary Research:

“Are There Ghosts on Campus?” The Voyager, 1 Nov. 2016,

“” Human Remains Found At UWF Identified As Missing Man :,

“School Spirits: Ghosts at Florida State.” Illuminations, 28 Oct. 2015,

Enkerud, Mark. “UF Campus Holds Decades of Legends, Ghost Stories.” The Independent Florida Alligator, 16 Aug. 2009,

“Ghost Stories Of Flagler College.” The Odyssey Online, 11 Nov. 2017,

“Haunted Tours Return to Downtown Pensacola.” Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola News Journal, 4 Oct. 2016,

Locations to Conduct Fieldwork

1.     Edward Ball Nature Trail
2.     UWF Library

Information/Sample Collections

1.     Map of the Campuses with locations of ghost sightings marked
2.     Photographs of the haunted sites at UWF
3.     Photographs of reported sightings from all the campuses, including UWF
4.     Video and audio recording of the haunted places

Final Project/ Product

The goal is to take all the information I collect and make an abstra

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